The right stuff: Phil Townsend shares remote-sensing expertise with NASA astronauts

Forest and wildlife ecology Professor Phil Townsend is at the Johnson Space Center this month to train astronaut candidates on how remotely sensed data are used to measure ecosystem function on Earth.

Winning images reveal the aesthetic side of UW science

From the frumpish mug of an oyster toadfish to delicate crystalline "flowers" of cobalt pyrite, ten still images and two videos were recognized for their portrayals of science and for the stories the pictures embody.

Baby sea turtles spend 'lost years' in warm blankets of seaweed

Nosing their way out of eggs buried in sandy beaches from Florida's east coast north into the Carolinas, baby loggerhead sea turtles race to the water as fast as their flippers will carry them and begin a swim frenzy to clear the predator-rich shore.

Famed Milwaukee County Zoo orangutan's death caused by strange infection

Mahal, the young orangutan who became a star of the Milwaukee County Zoo and an emblem of survival for a dwindling species, led an extraordinary life. It turns out, the young ape died an extraordinary death, too.

Seed dispersal gets a test in carved-out 'habitat corridors'

Ecologists go to great lengths to get data, so when a group of ecologists set out to see how wind moves seeds through isolated patches of habitat carved into a longleaf pine plantation in South Carolina, they twisted colored yarn to create mock seeds that would drift with the wind much like native seeds.

The Sloth's Busy Inner Life

It's true that the sloth, which lives in the jungles of Central and South America, would barely prevail in a race with a snail. But it's not a sluggard because it's lazy. Rather, it has carved out a remarkably ingenious mode of life in the treetops, but one that imposes certain constraints on its speed and energy level.


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