Wisconsin Ecology Program Coordinator

Jenny Peek, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
40 Science Hall
550 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706

Wisconsin Ecology Executive Committee

The Wisconsin Ecology Executive Committee directs ecology initiatives and activities at UW Madison. If you have questions or suggestions for the Wisconsin Ecology Committee, or you are interested in joining the committee for the next academic year, please contact one of the committee members.

Wisconsin Ecology Graduate Committee

Graduate Committee members work to organize and plan activities on campus and to broaden the Wisconsin Ecology community with trips off campus. Committee members also nominate speakers for Spring Ecology Symposium as well as work with the Wisconsin Ecology Faculty Committee to expand ecology at UW-Madison. If you would like to join the Graduate Committee please contact Wisconsin Ecology or speak with one of the committee members.

  • Jim Doherty, Botany, Co-Chair
  • Ali Paulson, Botany, Co-Chair
  • Kaitlin Stack Whitney, Entomology, Co-Chair
  • Amy Alstad, Zoology
  • Kathryn Anderson, Community and Environmental Sociology
  • Andrew Bennett, Veterinary Medicine
  • Peggy Boone, Anthropology
  • Jamin Dreyer, Zoology
  • Meghan Fitzgerald, Zoology
  • Sagan Friant, Nelson Institute
  • Gosia Golub, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
  • Phil Hahn, Zoology
  • Max Henschell, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  • Aaron Koning, Limnology and Marine Sciences
  • Ben Kraemer, Limnology and Marine Sciences
  • Ben Linzmeier, Geology
  • Christina Locke, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  • Rachel Mallinger, Entomology
  • Jesse Miller, Zoology
  • Grace Nguyen, Sociology
  • Mallika Nocco, Soil Science
  • Axel O. Ramirez Madera, Horticulture
  • Amanda Raster, Horticulture
  • Brendan Reid, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  • Gail Rosen, Veterinary Medicine
  • Autumn Sabo, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  • Anna Seidl, Plant Pathology
  • Xuan Shi, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Laura Smith, Agronomy
  • John Sourbeer, Economics
  • Laura Szymanski, Geography
  • Lisa Wasko DeVetter, Horticulture
  • Lindsay Wells, Plant Pathology
  • Sam Zipper, Agronomy

Speaker Recommendations
Wisconsin Ecology welcomes speaker suggestions for our fall and spring symposia. Speakers are usually nominated one to two years before the event. Submit future recommendations, or talk to your departmental representative.